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Digital well-being refers to the state of an individual's overall health and happiness in relation to their use of digital technologies. It involves managing the balance between the benefits and drawbacks of digital technology use, and taking steps to ensure that technology use enhances one's life rather than detracting from it.

Digital well-being encompasses several aspects, including physical health, mental health, emotional well-being, social connectedness, and productivity. It involves maintaining healthy boundaries around digital technology use, such as setting limits on screen time, unplugging from devices before bed, and taking regular breaks from technology.

Digital well-being also involves cultivating positive online behaviors and relationships, such as engaging in respectful communication, avoiding online bullying, and building meaningful connections with others through technology.

Overall, digital well-being is about using digital technologies in a way that enhances our lives and promotes our physical and mental well-being, rather than causing harm or detracting from our quality of life.

It Enable users to be more productive and engage in activities that promote holistic growth using technology to attain healthy and active lifestyles.

Enhanced mental health: By maintaining healthy boundaries around digital technology use and cultivating positive online behaviors and relationships, individuals can reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness, improve their mood, and manage stress and anxiety.

Increased productivity: Digital well-being can help individuals use technology more effectively and efficiently, allowing them to get more done in less time and avoid distractions that can negatively impact their productivity.

Improved relationships: Digital well-being can help individuals build and maintain positive online relationships with friends, family, and colleagues, leading to improved social connectedness and a sense of community.

Greater digital literacy: By developing a better understanding of how digital technologies work and their potential impact on well-being, individuals can become more empowered and confident in their use of technology, making it easier for them to navigate digital environments and stay safe online.

Overall, digital well-being can help individuals lead healthier, more balanced lives in a world that is increasingly dominated by digital technology.

CG NET Parental Control is the family filter that provides a non-intrusive first line of defense for your home against the more unpleasant corners of the internet. 

When CG NET Parental Control is on it protects your family against:  

         Pornography, and nudity 

         Known hacked or infected websites 

         Dating, drugs, gambling, alcohol, tobacco sites 

         Websites about hacking, the dark web, and other illegal activity 

         Suicide and self-harm sites 


When CG NET Parental Control is enabled, any material that fits the restrictions above will be filtered from any devices connected to your internet, including phones and tablets connected via your Wi-Fi at your home Optical Network Unit (ONU) router provided by CG Net. This will only work under CG Net network environment but you can control it from any network where the internet is available. 


All filtering is done in our network so you don鈥檛 have to load any software on your devices. Even your guest WiFi enabled devices are protected till the time they are connected, in all CG NET Parental Control connected at your home. 

Login to CG Net Customer Self-Care Portal ( then Click on Parental Control under main Menu on Left Side bar where you can turn it on easily. or you can activate this via CG NET App.

Our first objective is to ensure that the internet taken at home should be used for the family's well-being. Hence, being a service provider, we are not charging anything as of now. 


No, CG NET Parental Control will not interfere with your internet speeds.  We only stop the websites which need to be stopped. This is purely customer owned, customer operated service.  

Family first!! Always!!  We help you decide what鈥檚 right for your family. CG NET Parental Control helps you choose the online content by filtering out adult content, social media or anything undesirable should you need to. It's simple to use with a range of per-configured settings that you can customize to suit your family. So, we鈥檙e working to help you set boundaries and use technology in a way that鈥檚 right for your family. 

As this is paired with your broadband connection, it applies to every device connected to your home network, making the internet a safer place for everyone. 


We often tend to get generic queries around security and spying in our mind when it comes to parental controls. Generic questions like 鈥淐an my kids or family members or guests somehow get around it?鈥 

Here is some information that should hopefully answer most of your questions, and put your mind at ease about how CG NET Parental Control works and what its benefits are. 

We all are concerned about our society and our community, and believe that there should be ways in which we can protect them and also educate them easily and affordably. 

As we are sure you have already seen and agree that the internet is full of a whole range of things, some of which are less than savory.   And as an Internet service provider, CG Net looks on as a Digital parent by positioning a CG NET Parental Control product and giving control power to the end customer. Moreover, we have made it as simple as possible for you to achieve the outcome you desire. 

We have built all of the CG NET Parental Control features into your Parental Control Self-Care homepage, and made it as easy as possible.聽

There are categories of websites grouped together by type, and you can turn on/enable聽Quick Plan like 鈥Family Time鈥澛爐o filter out each category, or leave it off to let that category through.聽

We have even added the ability to block and allow聽custom聽domains聽as per your conveniences聽which can be add/delete as per your requirements

Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. You can rest assured that CG NET Parental Control is not spying on your connection. Moreover, we are not logging any of your transactions. It performs the same function as a DNS service - it receives requests from you to direct traffic, and it will respond to you with the website or a special splash page in case the desired website is blocked by you. 


I have blocked social media and I can see certificate warnings in the browser when I am trying to open a website related to social media. Why is this? 


It鈥檚 happening because the website you have requested is blocked by the category and the browser is expecting the certificate from the website that you are trying to access.  


This is fully expected given the way in which browser security is designed. The warnings and browser behavior vary slightly between Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Once you allow it, it will redirect it to the CG NET Parental Control page or show Page cannot be displayed. 

Here are the Quick Plans provided by CG NET Parental Control: 

I. Child Safety: 'ads','adult_content','banking','file_sharing_sites','hacking','malware_phishing','news_media','religion','sex_education','shopping','social_media','weapons_violance 


II. Office Hours: 



III. Study Hour: 



IV. Family Time: 



V. Goodnight Mode: 



VI. Block All: 



1.      "addictions" = Domains related to addictions are restricted 

2.      "ads" = Domains related to ads are restricted 

3.      "adult_content" = Domains related to adult_content are restricted 

4.      "antivirus" = Domains related to antivirus are restricted 

5.      "banking" = Domains related to banking are restricted 

6.      "file_sharing_sites" = Domains related to file_sharing_sites are restricted 

7.      "games_humor" = Domains to games_humor are restricted 

8.      "hacking" = Domains related to hacking are restricted 

9.      "health_home_garden" = Domains related to health_home_garden are restricted 

10.  "malware_phishing" = Domains related to malware_phishing are restricted 

11.  "news_media" = Domains related to news_media are restricted 

12.  "religion" = Domains to religion are restricted 

13.  "search_email" = Domains related to search_email are restricted 

14.  "sex_education" = Domains related to sex_education are restricted 

15.  "shopping" = Domains related to shopping are restricted 

16.  "social_media" = Domains related to social_media are restricted 

17.  "weapons_violence" = Domains related to weapons_violence are restricted